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Based in Melbourne, Australia

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27th of September 2019

PC - Steam


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Heist is a noir cat burglar game, in which you use non-lethal tools to 'get in' 'get it' & 'get out'. This makes Heist a very pure stealth game, player must rely on avoiding and evading instead of direct confrontation. Set squarely in the age of smooth jazz and organized crime, players will pursue infamy as a lone cat-burglar on the prowl for wealth, and continued freedom. Each step you take brings you closer to your prize, but also within inches of capture. Each level will allow an open ended approach for your style of play - A stealthy rogue, rewarded for treading softly and planning a route unseen through shadowy corridors; a cunning wielder of subterfuge who discretely sets traps to cause misery and distraction - or a hit-and-run professional whose success lies in causing chaos.


The concept of Heist was initially conceived after the Team's designer; Travers Dunkinson; finished playing Dishonored and was craving a stealth experience where the act of killing was removed from the player's list of verbs. Heist began development in 2013, but the project was scrapped and started anew in 2014 due to the rocky development in the previous year. Heist saw brief public exposure in 2013 where the team showed Heist at PAX Aus 2013 and PAX Prime later that same year. The tight deadlines and rushed work for the shows was part of the reason Heist was restarted. Launching a now successful Greenlight campaign, Heist was meet with extraordinary positivity, reaching the top 100 list of greenlight within its first day, and making it to the number 2 position before being Greenlit. In 2016, Heist was selected to be one of 9 games to be funded by Film Victoria. HEIST is now slated for release on the 27th of September 2019.


  • Thrilling and pure, stealth-based, top-down gameplay.
  • Customizable loadout of non-lethal gadgets.
  • Decide your own path through a series of non-linear levels.
  • Beautifully balanced combination of classic film noir filtered through a graphic novel style.
  • Rich and lively original jazz soundtrack.
  • Full support for modern gamepads, as well as the classic keyboard and mouse.


Release Date announcement YouTube

Trailer #1 YouTube

Greenlight Trailer YouTube

Heist Gameplay B-Roll (30/10/2017) YouTube




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About Atomizer Games

Atomizer Games is an independent games studio in Melbourne, Australia. We strive to pull apart and reconstruct traditional game mechanics to discover something different.

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Heist Credits

Travers Dunkinson

Andrew Wilks

Jared Mulconry

Brendan Tsui
Composer - Freelancer

Mick Trott
Sound Design - Kaleidoscope Audio

Francesco Calvi
3d Modeler - Freelancer

Liam Jenkin
Previous Collaboarator - Programmer

Siv Kyrin
Previous Collaboarator - Character Artist

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