About Us

Atomizer Games is a game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. We are committed to making high quality PC games, and breaking standard game design conventions.

The Team:

Travers Dunkinson
(Founder, Designer)

Jared Mulconry
(Founder, Programmer)


Andrew Wilks
(Founder, Artist)



Atomizer Games was formed by Travers, Andrew and Jared in late 2012 whilst attending Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE). Bonding over the mutual love of PC gaming, brilliant game design and gorgeous visual execution, their final year project lead the three to start Atomizer Games and dived into the AIE Incubator course from 2013.
The beginning of the new year tested ourselves, and our potential recruit, Liam, with a small mobile game idea. Liam proved to us he was more than capable and joined onto the team a few months later.
Midway through the Incubator course Atomizer began development of Heist; a noir-themed cat-burglar game where player must use non-violent gadgets to ‘Get in, get it and get out’. Development was rocky during the 2013 year, as a lot of mistakes were made in part to the rapidly prototyped mode of development. This first iteration of Heist was ultimately scrapped and the project begun anew at the start of 2014.
Since then, the group has been working hard on Heist, recently having the game Greenlit for Steam release.
Heist is slated for a 2016 release on Steam of PC.