Our biggest score yet!

Hey everyone

We noticed we are long overdue for a post letting everyone know what we have been up to over the past few months.

We want to assure you all we have been working extremely hard on Heist.
Since deciding to restart the project in January, there has been a lot of work done to build a better version of the game and to reach, what appears on the surface to be, the same point we got to last year. We are pleased to say, however, that the game is in a much better position then it ever was, and developing content is a lot faster and more robust.
Whilst the game isn’t quite in a spot were we are ready to start showing it off, we are really happy with the progress and feel that it’s coming together a lot better than anything we showed off last year.

In some of our most recent posts we have talked about how AIE has been going the distance in helping us out in so many various ways, and their helping hand just keeps giving.
Recently AIE gave us an opportunity to apply for a grant available for Incubator students of our graduating year.
The application process was new and arduous for us, and certainly took more time then we expected, but in hind sight, all the documents AIE needed were crucial to ensure we are a group of spunky developers worth supporting.

After some iterations of documents and smooth talking, AIE confirmed we were one of the 3 teams that will be receiving funding, and in fact they were going to give us $20,000 to support development when we only requested for $15,000.

Once again we want to thank AIE for all its hard work and constant stream of amazing support. Without AIE, Heist might have just been a novel idea that never got to see the light.

We also would like to apologise for how long its been since we have made any posts anyway, as we all know how much you have all missed us.

The Lucky Streak

I like to consider ourselves pretty damn lucky, especially as AIE continues to be a more than an educating facility, but a strong ally that helps us strive for the best and live our dream.

Thanks to AIE, we now have a dedicated office to work out of for the remainder of the year which will help us to keep on track of development of Heist.
So far the office is half set up with two work stations ready to go, however we have a slight issue with our desk/chair supplier as well as we haven’t brought in Jared’s computer yet.

Hopefully though, the studio will be up and running by the end of next week meaning we can really get stuck into dev.

(Photos will be up next week)

Dev Diary #04 – The Game Plan

Now truly into 2014, we figured would talk about how last years progress has changed our game plan for this year

Last year our plans were quite different, we had talked about releasing a public alpha build of Heist by January and we were also hoping to have the game finished and released half way into 2014, however this is obviously no longer the case.

After looking at where the game stood by the end of our time in Incubator, we saw all the big and small mistakes we made along. After much thought the decision was made to treat our time in incubator as a stupidly long prototyping phase and essentially restart with a clean slate.

In the early weeks after we got back from our holiday break, we spent some time getting set to work from home and immediately jumped straight into the pre-planning phase for Heist.
This was something we lacked last year and it crippled the development. Code started to get wildly out of control, the project folder had files everywhere and no solid naming convention whilst we maintained an attitude of “We will come back to it”.

We feel the abhorrent attitude and method we had during development steamed from feeling very rushed and almost pressured to produce any form of result in order to show off Heist. However having deadlines isn’t a bad by any means, but because we didn’t diligently map out the game early on, we suffered.

Currently we are feeling really confident about where we are headed now with Heist.
Our plans are to Heist towards the end of this year, and expose our development process with everyone who is interested. We also want to secure our distribution on Steam, and depending on situation of Greenlight, that will come down to getting as much of everyone’s as possible.

That’s all for now, but we will be back with more soon.


Now its the new year and our break is over, we are getting stuck back into the thick of things!
The road ahead for 2014 we already know is going to be a difficult one, we are fresh out of the Incubator and practically on our own. However we do know there is plenty of you behind us and we thank you in advance for all your continued help and support.

We have big plans for Heist this year, so keep an eye out for all the up coming news.

Dev diaries will continue again in the future, however they won’t be weekly like last year because it significantly reduced the quality.